Centrifugal casting technology

Centrifugal casting or rotocasting is a casting technique that is typically used to cast thin-walled cylinders. It is used to cast steel, copper and others. It is noted for the high quality of the results attainable, particularly for precise control of their metallurgy and crystal structure.

The centrifugal casting products BACSOONT are manufacturing include centrifugal casting copper bushing, centrifugal high manganese steel bushing, centrifugal casting steel bushing, centrifugal casting steel pipe and others, the OD can meet dimensions of 20 mm to 2000 mm.

BACSOONT’s feature:

  • Centrifugal casting high manganese steel bushing (Eccentric and Concentric)
    OD’s dimensions of 50 mm to 400 mm
  • Centrifugal casting copper/bronze bushing (Concentric)
    OD’s dimensions of 20 mm to 2000 mm
  • Material: steel, copper, bronze, high manganese steel
  • Heat treatment
  • Rapid water quench
  • CNC machining

Some products